Masterform has been certified IATF 16949 2016.


January - May 2017 - Delivery of new machine tools, such as DOOSAN MYNX 6500-50, Okamoto OGM 350 INC III, OKUMA LB3000EX II-M C500 and OKUMA LT2000EX 2T2MY.


In April 2017 - launch of fully automated piston line for compressors for automotive air conditioning based on 6 TSUGAMI lathes.


On 17 February 2017 the Court registered the change of company name to Masterform sp. O.o.

Do not change other details of the Company, in particular the number KRS, NIP, company registration number, registered office, bank account numbers.

    follow site NEWS: The merger plan Masterform SA and Masterform Group Zetkama Sp. z o.o

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   Masterform participated in the fair Offshore, where he presented his original product - high-pressure hydraulic pump.

     The machine park, a new machine Automatic Lathe STAR SB-20R Type G with the possibility of self-reconstruction of the spindle. View

    Masterform laboratory has been equipped with the new CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine MITUTOYO Crysta Apex S 574 with Equipment and Software package: MCOSMOS-1 – GEOPAK-WIN, 
CAT 1000 S, CAT 1000 P, Scanpak
    On June 2-4 Masterform presented author's high-pressure hydraulic products and the ability of metal machining on the 15th edition of the Asian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur.

     On 20-25 April 2015. representatives Masterform S.A. participated in the fair INTERMAT Paris in France. Presented to them our high pressure hydraulic pumps Masterforce.

    On 11-14 March 2015. representatives Masterform S.A. participated in the fair Europort Istanbul 2015, Istanbul, Turkey. Presented to them our pumps, valves and hydraulic tools 700bar.
     On 14-16.10.2014r. we were present our pumps, valves and hydraulic tools 700bar at the fair ExpoWelding in Sosnowiec.


Notification of the merger of Masterform S.A. with Masterform Grupa Zetkama Sp. z o.o.

Acting on behalf of Masterform Grupa Zetkama Sp. z o.o. with its headquarters located in Świebodzice, I hereby inform about the registration by the Local Court for Wroclaw, Fabryczna Street in Wrocław division IX of the National Economic Court Register, on source url 29-01-2016 of the merger of Masterform S.A. situated in Świebodzice with thesis variables Masterform Grupa Zetkama Sp. z o.o.

The merger took place in accordance with Article 492 § 1 Clause 1) of the Commercial Companies Code, that is by transferring all assets of   reflection essay on writing Masterform S.A. company to the acquiring company that is Masterform Grupa Zetkama Sp. z o.o. in return for shares which the acquiring company issued to the shareholders.

At the same time evaluation essay customer service Masterform Grupa Zetkama Sp. z o.o. becomes the legal successor of freedom of speech essay Masterform S.A. which at the time of the registration lost its legal existence. In accordance with Article 494 of the Commercial Companies Code go to link Masterform Grupa Zetkama Sp. z o.o. as the acquiring company will take over all rights and obligations of the acquired company.

In relation to the above, dating from 29.01.2016 all documents and letters regarding the acquired company that is: source link Masterform S.A., as well as invoices and orders, we kindly ask to issue for and send to the below entity and address:

source url Masterform Grupa Zetkama Sp. z o.o.
enter ul. Jana Mikulicza 6a
enter 58-160 Świebodzice

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that along with the date of the merger registration the Tax ID number (NIP) and Statistical number (REGON) have changed accordingly and are valid for source link Masterform Grupa Zetkama Sp. z o.o.: NIP 8842755364, essays online fulfilling the founding REGON 361892935. All bank account numbers used by the acquired company before the merger will be taken over without any changes, and will still be valid after the merger.


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Inno  muhammad essay watch follow      Dear Sirs, we will be present in Berlin at InnoTrans on 23-26.09.2014. We welcome you to visit our MASTERFORCE stand no 609 in hall 23a. 
Contact person: Wojciech Morel, mobile: + 48 608 318 030
     Dear Customers! We offer you new brochure of MASTERFORM. 

Get to know us!!

  follow site You can download it here! 
     On 3th July representatives of MASTERFORM SA were at the meeting organized by French  Industry-Commerce Chamber in Warsaw. Conversations allowed us present our company, their offer, development and position at the market. Discussions included possibilities to find new clients and partners from France and export of MASTERFORM products to French market. 

     At MASTERFORM SA last time had taken place two quality audits from Faurecia and Tenneco company. The scores of them have given MASTERFORM qualified supplier status for booth firms.

     On 25-26th June MASTERFORM SA took part in trade meeting AutoForum Suppliers’day in Legnica. Participants on that year edition were, among others: TOYOTA, TRW, VOLKSWAGEN, SITECH. B2B conversations, presentations companies and products on the fair stands gave a chance for exchange information and also let to achieve a knowledge about the automotive market. 

     On 19th June Edwards company – one of the main clients of MASTERFORM SA organized for all their suppliers , Supplier Quality Day. Motto of the meeting was “Zero Defects” and related the quality of supplied details to clients and management quality of supply, costs and motivation. SQE responsible for various areas presented quality tolls, i.e. APQP, PPAP or 8D. Moreover, there were B2B discussions, presentation of EDWARDS company, their position on the market and one of the factory.
     On 23th May in MASTERFORM SA took place audit by international DEKRA Certification Sp. z o.o. During that examination do not say any incompatibility. That check process confirms that management system in organization is complies with standards according to ISO 9001:2008 and the final decision is to keep the certification.

    Ecological! Successiviely we are changing the lighting in company. Strip lighting is changes for LED lighting. Effects of that activity is 50% energy saving , simultaneously gives us 150% worth of light. Moreover, it directly influences for the improvement work conditions.      NEW PARK MACHINE

In May, the project was closed optimize the operation of CNC grinders. Finalized the purchase and installation of the system dynamic balance SBS. All machines in the Faculty of CNC grinders have been retrofitted. Modernization has an impact on a lot of factors that translate into benefits both in terms of quality and economy.

Balancing system allows for a more accurate surface and shape of the workpieces. Balancing wheels is done dynamically in real time during operation. This has a major impact the wear of the grinding wheel and the spindle. Extension of operating periods machine tools and machines allows for savings in the near term.


The Faculty of CNC automatic lathes are listed filters on multiple machines oil mist separation. Automatic Tornos Gamma 20/5 , Star 20 SB and Sprint 42 equipped with filters of a new generation of ECO RINGER.

Operation of the device is fine oil separation of air molecules . Filtering is done by pre- ionization and then mechanically by the action of centrifugal force.

The main advantages of filters Eco Ringer is to have automatic integrated cleaning system without the use of filter mats. They do not require replacement and disposal of oil-contaminated parts, energy-saving work. The investment is important as economic, as well as ecological.

    Dear customers, the company MASTERFORM SA was a member of the Polish - Swiss Chamber of Commerce. Joining PolChamber MASTERFORM SA is interested in establishing contacts  exchange of experience and entering the Swiss market by offering the local businesses their services and products. 
     Effective communication is one of the basic skills. Needed both in collaboration with external customers how and required in daily work within the Company. It affects the emergence of lasting relationships, improves efficiency. In Masterform we require from our employees skills. We make it in the framework of the training program. At the turn of February and March organized a series of training workshop conducted in the system. The aim was to improve communication skills and the development of competence in this area. Practical exercises and communicated the contents allowed to develop the capacity for cooperation and exchange of information. The involvement of participants resulted in interesting and useful discussions. Acquired skills will translate to a fuller understanding of the team and a positive image of the Company in the eyes of customers
Dear Sirs, We present NEW CATALOGUE MASTERFORCE 2014 ! Due to the dynamic growth and fast reaction for needs of our clients  on a current basis we increase a range of assortment.  Catalogue 2014 with additional tools, among others torque wrenches, cylinders, nut splitters, flange tools and accessories can be download from

mf okladka

short essay literature  26th march 2014 
thesis topics for bsc economics
The Board of Masterform SA was expanded machines. Purchased the grinder OKAMOTO 350 UNC, year 2013. OKAMOTO is the largest manufacturer of surface grinding machines, designed for high-precision machining. At this time, the department has four CNC grinders grinders OKAMOTO. The new machine is different from other additional equipment. It has a spindle for grinding so. "Fortunka". Decision expansion of the machinery results from the planned increase production volume for one of the key customers-Rockwell Automation.
On 10 December 2013 there was a meeting with business partners in the company's headquarters Masterform. We had occasion to present You our activities and area of the plant and mainly a wide  range of high pressure hydraulic pumps and hydraulic equipments for powering hydraulic tools.

Dear Sirs,

Management Board of the Masterform S.A., would like to Thank You very much for Your attendance to the meeting. This meeting gave opportunities to continue or start a joint cooperation. Therefore we have a hope that Your interest in our activity and products will bring effects in future for both of  business parties. We are very pleasant that we could to host You at the meeting in Masterform S.A. and we invite You to further cooperation. 

Photos from event:

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taking chance essay  08 oktober 2012 
Company Masterform SA debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Warsaw. The ceremony was held on 8 October 2012 at 10.30 am in the hall of Catalyst. It was the 50 debut on the stock exchange and the company is 148 issuer whose market saved debt securities in 2012. 

Information exchange:
Type of issuer: Corporate
Type of instrument: bearer bonds
Catalyst Markets: ASO WSE
Issue value: 799,000 zł
Interest rate: fixed rate of interest based on the rate base (WIBOR 3M)
plus a margin of 5% per annum
Maturity date: 13 February 2015
Animator: BDM SA Brokerage House
Authorised Adviser: DSBJ Advisory Group Ltd.
This is the first entity in Świebodzice, which debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
218970 541692545844644 563809881 o
Masterform SA Board of Directors: (from left) Beata Zawadzka, Robert Zawadzki, John Rabiej
a thesis definition Take a look at the interview with Mr. John Rabiejem, Member of the Board Masterform SA: