Measuring Laboratory Equipment:

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine MITUTOYO Crysta Apex C 776
Software package COSMOS: GEOPAK-Win-Win STATPAK

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine MITUTOYO Crysta Apex S 574 
with Equipment and Software package: MCOSMOS-1 – GEOPAK-WIN, 
CAT 1000 S, 
CAT 1000 P, Scanpak

Profilograph MITUTOYO Contracer CV 2000
Software package COSMOS: FORMPAK-Win

Device for measuring shaft Mahr Heliopan 1200

Altimeter MITUTOYO LH-600 B, Linear Height

Zeiss measuring microscope equipped with a data processor MITUTOYO QM-Data 200

Projector Carl Zeiss

Device for measuring surface roughness MITUTOYO Surftest SJ-301


Hardness Rockwell

Altimeter LH-600 MITUTOYO

Apparatus for coating thickness measurement MITUTOYO DIGI-Derm 2100

The device C505 JENOPTIK OPTICLINE measurement and the calculation of diameters,
length, geometry, shape, and position of the light passing through

Small measuring equipment MITUTOYO, MAHR, SYLWAC, TESA

Network-based measuring devices, measuring tools, DMX and Mitutoyo

Apparatus for coating thickness measurement MITUTOYO DIGI-Derm 2100

Roundness tester MITUTOYO